Are you Qualified?

Browse through any online job board, every posting has a list of qualifications, and demands .  Why do very few, if any have a list of questions?

Right out of the gate it portrays a negative image of the company I think.   It says “We’re not willing to invest in possibility.”  It says  “We would rather take a financial risk than a personal or emotional one.”

I mean yes there are certain positions that require certain amounts of experience and knowledge.  You really want your Doctor, your lawyer, your accountant to have the appropriate training and knowledge.  And no, not EVERYONE has what it takes to acquire that training and knowledge.

You’ll sure as hell never see me going to medical school.  A: I have no desire to, B: You wouldn’t want my hand anywhere near a scalpel.  I can admit that.

That’s not saying YOU couldn’t.  If you really wanted to DO THE WORK to get there, you could.

I’m talking about the postings on your run of the mill job board.  A great percentage of the positions are either Sales of some sort, Warehouse, or General Labor.  Yet each one has a detailed 1/2 page list of qualifications and demands then state if you don’t meet our demands, we don’t want to hear from you.  Sales for example: Must have 2 years experience…… Why? Because you don’t want to put in the time to educate them on your product?  Warehouse:  Must have previous warehouse experience.  Why?  Because you think you should be able to throw them the keys to a forklift and walk away?  General Labor:  Experience dealing with tools.  Well shit, I’m out.  I’ll NEVER be able to learn how to use a shovel.

What all these ads say loud and clear: “We don’t want to INVEST the time and energy into helping you acquire the skills necessary, we want you to say you already have them, that way when something goes wrong, we can blame you.”

Too bad for these companies.  They’re missing out.  They don’t want to DO THE WORK either.  Companies have gotten lazy.  They think they’re narrowing down the number of applicants, and only receiving the resume’s of “Qualified people” Except you’re not.

Skills are learned.  What’s more important than possessed skills is the willingness to learn new ones.   People who apply to an ad that states:

We are willing to teach you, to educate you,  if you are willing to learn.

These will be your key players in the future.  Lazy people won’t apply.  That statement radiates that we expect you to do work.  More work than just enough to not get fired.  Personal work, improve yourself by learning new skills.

But be warned, that statement also comes with a responsibility.  You have to deliver on your promise to provide.

When you deliver on your promise to teach, and they deliver on their promise to learn, TRUST will form.

Once you build trust, you and your staff will be an unstoppable team.  Doesn’t matter if you’re selling Cars, building houses, or shipping packages.

Employer or Employee…… the responsibility is the the same: Commit to develop.  DO THE WORK. Always Deliver.

Maybe instead of “Are you Qualified”, we should be asking “Are you Willing?”


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