Do you have Time?

I don’t have time.

Is it true though?  Do I REALLY not have time?  Why?

How many of us have taken inventory of our minutes, from the time we swing a leg out of bed, to the minute we pull the sheets back up.  How many of those minutes were wasted, subconsciously in distraction.

Truth, we all have demands on our time like work, kids soccer practice, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry etc.  Which actually don’t HAVE to be so demanding if you’re willing to change your overall lifestyle.

That’s not what I’m talking about.  This time around anyway.

What I mean is,

How many EXTRA minutes did you spend sitting in the bathroom, smartphone in hand scrolling through the latest social media feed.

How many minutes were spent sitting in line at the local coffee shop waiting on your extra large double mocha espresso frappe latte.

How much time did you spend on the phone with your BFF, only complaining about what someone did at the office today,  complaining about the weather, or sneering judgmentally about what so and so did to their hair.

How much time do you spend binge watching Netflix or YouTube?

How much of your time is spent on commitments based on the principle of “SHOULD”  Should you really?  Why?  Be honest with yourself, you don’t need to justify it to anyone else.

When I took inventory, I found a lot of wasted time.

Time spent on distractions.

Internalized justification to procrastinate doing things that I NEED to be doing.  Things that scared me, things outside my comfort zone.  Things that would contribute to my personal development, things that place me directly in the complexity ring.  Things that fertilize growth.

When I wanted to hide from these things, I would tell myself I don’t have time.

The time is always there, IF you make finding it a priority.

Define what’s MOST important to you.  Do it honestly.  Do it for yourself.

Spend your found time ONLY on what’s important.

For me,  it was most uncomfortable admitting that I DO have spare time and realizing what I DIDN’T have was an honest list of priorities.

So instead of telling ourselves “I don have time“, maybe we should be asking ourselves:

“What are my priorities?”






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