The Deadliest virus. Do you have it? Can you stop it.

It infects a large portion of the worlds population.

A terribly infectious virus most of us are exposed  to by the time we’re 5 years old.

It’s transmitted unknowingly by family, teachers, and peers.

It slowly decays you from the inside out, attacking your nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, circulatory system and can even cause deterioration of the muscular system.

It’s quite often misdiagnosed due to its complexity, wide range of symptoms and personal reactivity.

I had it.

It almost killed me.


Thankfully I’m a stubborn ass and wouldn’t let it.

The cure isn’t instant, you must be determined to make it work.

There will be relapses, but as time goes on they do get fewer and fewer.

The virus?……


Contracted early on in our lives, it begins as a quest for acceptance.  Which is human nature, to feel a sense of belonging.  As young children we notice expressions of approval from adults when we do something they like, and we notice the expressions of disapproval when we do something they don’t like.  It’s at that point the caveman part of our brain kicks in and leads us to believe if we don’t get approval, we won’t be accepted into the pack, and if we’re not in the pack we will die.  So we begin to seek approval.

As we get older, it progresses.  Coming from perceived wiser ones around us, we’re told “don’t do that, don’t say that, don’t act like that, don’t dress like that, don’t say that.”  We’re conditioned to believe what other people think actually matters, to act accordingly.  WTF does that even mean?  What the hell is accordingly, and who’s the grand poohba that gets to decide?  I mean as long as you’re not intentionally trying to harm another, what the hell difference does it make how you dress, what music you listen to, what you eat, or how you decide to live your life.

Yet we’re fear mongered into acting normal .  No longer is the fear we won’t be accepted into the cave and a saber tooth tiger will eat us.  The tiger has been replaced by society. Act normal or your parents will yell at you, kick you out, perhaps even disown you.  Act normal or you’ll be bullied and beaten on the playground or in a back alley.  Act normal or no one will hire you.

We discourage expression of emotion in our children, that’s not something to cry about we say.  We sneer if we see two people in love kissing in public, someone has apparently decided that’s not appropriate.  Judgement after judgement.  The list could go on.

So we learn beginning at a young age to take all the little weird quirks that make us unique and hide them.  Keep them away so no one will see.  To act normal as defined by the majority of society which surrounds you.

Too bad though.

It result in a pretty boring crowd.

Even worse, the extreme opposite end of the scale.  The one’s with an abundance of weird unique quirks who’ve been trying so hard their entire lives to suppress their weirdness, they end up in mental turmoil to the point their physical health starts to deteriorate.

That’s how I ended up.

The good news is this virus can be stopped.  There’s a cure, and I’m healing.

Accept and embrace your weirdness, your difference.  Stop hiding it.  Speak your mind.

Most important: Create.

It’s never been easier than it is today thanks to the internet.  Also thanks to the internet, I’m willing to bet you’ll find your buried quirks aren’t as weird as you perceived them to be.

It’s a two way street though.  You must also accept and celebrate the weirdness of others.

I believe even the most “NORMAL” people have some little quirk hidden deep down inside.  A tiny flame, a bright color, a guilty pleasure they’re afraid to admit.

What’s your weirdness??

I mean I can’t be the only middle aged white dude that wears camo, cowboy boots and listens (OK, OK I sing it) to 80’s pop music right?  Cry during animated movies?  Bakes apple crisp after rebuilding an engine?  Talks to the moon?  Watches TED talks,  Mud National mud bogs, Tiny house living/Van Dwelling, rock crawling, snowmobiling, personal development videos on YouTube….all in the same hour…while drinking dandelion root tea right?  There’s gotta be someone else that has Hank Williams Sr and Pantera songs back to back on their playlist?  Refuses to wear boxer shorts, it’s bikini briefs or nothing… literally nothing.  Thinks it’s awesome to see life partners making out in public?  Believes the more odd a vehicle is, the cooler it is?  Thinks the more paradox’s you have the better?   This is only a tiny fraction of my list………………..



Where’s everyone going?……………








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