Truth is….. No one wants to hear the truth.

Mostly because peoples definition of truth is distorted.  They misrepresent opinion and personal beliefs as truth, meanwhile the facts are ignored.

Truth is indisputable facts.

For example:  That car is GREEN.  Yet the SHADE of that green can be left open for debate, because that’s all perception and opinion.  It all depends on lighting, angle, definition, and how you personally see color.  News flash, not everyone see’s colors the same.  Some are able to see color vibrantly, others more dull, some not at all.  So the shade of the green is a BELIEF not fact.  The FACT is: The Car IS Green.  No matter the shade.

Therefore it is also TRUTH that the car is green.

But most people will allow their emotions to take control and argue their belief (what shade it is) in attempt to persuade others that their opinion is FACT.  Or their personal believed TRUTH.

Truth is Fact:  The car is GREEN

Belief and perceptions are Opinion:  The car is FOREST GREEN.  The car is HUNTER GREEN

Doesn’t matter.  The TRUTH is, the car is GREEN.

So by allowing our emotions and thoughts to control our actions we lose sight of the truth.

When we lose sight of the truth, we lose our objectivity.  Our ability to analyze and accept that there are other possibilities.  Maybe the car IS hunter green…….and what other possibilities open up if we objectively look at both colors as options.

Unfortunately for most of us,  our emotions take control and we focus more on being seen as right.

When we focus more on being right we look for validation.

Seeking validation then becomes more important than seeking truth.

Then we start wars, ban religious acts from schools, and try to force other people to conform.

Believing you are right, does not make it truth.  It makes it your opinion.

EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion.  This if fact, Truth.

But there’s a personal responsibility that comes along with that truth.    To not allow emotions which are attached to the opinion to control your actions in a NEGATIVE way.  Because that will inevitability result in seeking validation and trying to force others to conform to your personal beliefs.

It’s my belief, that it’s important to recognize and accept your emotions without allowing them to control your actions.  To form your own opinions, and be able to CONSTRUCTIVELY  voice those opinions without the expectation others should believe what you believe.

So the truth is, most people want to ignore the truth (facts) and don’t want to hear others opinions.  It’s easier to believe your opinion is truth than make an effort to objectively listen and respect the opinions of others.

I’m interested in your opinion…….






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