Who’s your best teacher?

Who do you look to for a little bit of guidance when you need it?  Do you recognize guidance when you don’t think you need it?  Often times that’s when the best guidance comes.

Where do I find a lot of mine?  Surprisingly, it’s not someone my senior, not someone with a wall full of certificates and not someone who has experienced more than me.

If I pay attention, usually the best guidance in life comes from my children.  Especially while they are pre-school age.

Case in point.  My two year old has a nasty cold right now, coughing, stuffy nose and lost most of his voice.  Honestly he looks like hell with his runny glassy red eyes.  If I were in the same situation I would be the most cranky asshole on the planet.  Grouchy and growling at the world because I’m sick.  Not him though.  He’s still running around, laughing, playing and in the squeakiest faintest voice he can muster proclaiming “WOW”….. “See Daddy?  See?  Look at this..”  Sick as he looks and sounds, he still sees the world with wonder and curiosity.  He refuses to let a cold slow him down.  Right now he’s jumping around faintly squeaking “Boing!! Boing! Bunny!!”  He’s not wallowing in self pity because he’s sick.  He still sticks to his mission.  Have Fun and Learn no matter what.

Schooled in life by a two year old.  Again.

Maybe next time we’re struggling with something, instead of looking up to someone or something for help, we should look down and watch what a 2 year old is doing.

Ask ourselves: “What would a child do?”

Spoiler alert….. The answer will always be: Have Fun and Learn

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