About me….hmmm where shall i start?

Even as a little kid, I always knew I was different.  Wait whoa whoa whoa…… WAY too cliche and WAY too over done.

That and as a kid I didn’t realize I was different.

I thought everyone saw what I saw, I figured everyone thought just like I did.  That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  This caused me a lot of pain, anger and frustration throughout my life, and I didn’t even know it.  Didn’t realize WHERE the pain, anger and frustration were coming from, so I buried it.  Your mind starts to try to defend itself, you start thinking there’s something wrong with you, you need to be “Fixed”.  Fixed?… that’s bullshit.  It’s provoked a journey of personal development, a quest to understand……myself.   So far I’ve realized that we’re all perfectly imperfect and inevitably flawed.  You don’t need to be fixed, just understood.

So about me?  Well, I’m a father to Three amazingly unique children, a Husband to my outstandingly talented wife.

I am gifted, all my senses are intense, at times overwhelming.  So far it seems I’ve dedicated my life to hiding my intensities.  I have embarked on a journey to change this.  I am a unique collection of contradictions, I can find valid points in both sides of any debate, I don’t believe that I should ever have to “choose one” of anything.  I now see this as a superpower.  I am objective and diverse.

I don’t place value on certifications and don’t define success by accomplishments, a big fancy house, a new car or money in the bank.  I value compassion, appreciation, gratitude, equality, curiosity, freedom and honesty.  Success to me is doing the best every day with what I have to work with.

This is my MISSION:…… To craft the BEST version of myself, To be curious, and learn from every experience, good or bad, and pass my knowledge on to all embarking on their own journey,  help and support them on their path.

I know I know, still sounds all some emotional hashtag something or other.  But I have no idea how to use a hashtag, where the hell to post it, and what the hell the point is.

So I’m going to experiment, write stuff as I see it.  I’m kinda new to this constructively speaking my mind thing and I will more than likely contradict myself.  And that’s legit me.  At times I’m sure it’ll seem as if there’s 3 different people writing on here.  I suppose there kinda is……….