Truth is….. No one wants to hear the truth. Mostly because peoples definition of truth is distorted.  They misrepresent opinion and personal beliefs as truth, meanwhile the facts are ignored. Truth is indisputable facts. For example:  That car is GREEN.  Yet the SHADE of that green can be left open for debate, because that’s all […]

The Deadliest virus. Do you have it? Can you stop it.

It infects a large portion of the worlds population. A terribly infectious virus most of us are exposed  to by the time we’re 5 years old. It’s transmitted unknowingly by family, teachers, and peers. It slowly decays you from the inside out, attacking your nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, circulatory system and can even […]

Do you have Time?

I don’t have time. Is it true though?  Do I REALLY not have time?  Why? How many of us have taken inventory of our minutes, from the time we swing a leg out of bed, to the minute we pull the sheets back up.  How many of those minutes were wasted, subconsciously in distraction. Truth, […]

Are you Qualified?

Browse through any online job board, every posting has a list of qualifications, and demands .  Why do very few, if any have a list of questions? Right out of the gate it portrays a negative image of the company I think.   It says “We’re not willing to invest in possibility.”  It says  “We would […]

Breaking My Worst Habit.

I have this nasty habit.  Probably my most destructive one. There’s this part of my brain that see’s things differently than the majority. I constantly see how things could be better. Not materialistic things like a newer car, a bigger fancier house, or more money in the bank.  Oh hey Shhhh here’s a secret…..I tried […]